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Industriële kasten - Dimehouse

Industrial cabinets

Buy an industrial cabinet at Dimehouse

With an industrial cupboard of us you add a cool, robust and functional furniture to your interior. These cabinets not only offer extra storage space, they are also showpieces in your interior. We really can't live without it! Is your dream also a sleek and pragmatic interior? Then the industrial living style is completely your thing. Based on old factory buildings where construction details are not eliminated. With a cupboard industrial you know for sure that you get a nice item at home.

Our collection of cabinets industrial

In contemporary interiors, the cabinet industrially is indispensable. That is why we have added a large collection to our range. By Bookcase Industrial until bedside tables. Also for one TV cabinetsideboard even winery, have you come to the right place! Put an end to the chaos in the house. With our cabinets industrially you get a lot of storage space. And your favorite item can already be delivered tomorrow! Yes, you read that really well.

A sturdy metal and mango wood cupboard

The tough look owes our industrial cabinets to the use of materials. The black metal frames in combination with the unprocessed wood give the models a rough look. Our cabinets industrially are made of mango wood. The mango wood is from India. Here the mango trees are abundant. It is not for nothing that the Mango is Indian National Fruit. The Mango stands for prosperity, luxury and wealth in India. This is exactly what our mangowood industrial cabinets radiate.

Add to your interior industrially

The cabinet industrial is available in various shapes and sizes. Of course you can fully determine to what extent you add this living trend to your interior. Because of the neutral colors, our models fit very well together with modern furniture or rural elements for a nice combination. You could look at adding Industrial tables, industrial lamps and a industrial bank. You can place a lot of decoration in an open cupboard industrial. Need a little more storage space? Then half an open model might be a bit more suitable for you. Are you not yet completely out of which model from our collection is suitable for you? Then our experienced customer service employees are happy to help you further!

Buy tips industrial cabinet

Because an industrial cabinet makes a real statement in your interior, it is important to think well in advance to think which style you want to spread with the item.

  1. Determine the place. If you put it in a smaller room such as a hall, it is important that there is still enough walking space around it. Our products are often delivered in 1 piece. It is therefore not only important to measure the final place, but also the route where the product has to pass. Think of the doors, corridors etc.
  2. Determine the function of the furniture. If you want less chaos in the room, a dense model is very suitable. But if you want to use the furniture for decoration such as photo frames, then an open model is ideal.

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Have you also become completely enthusiastic about the industrial cupboard? Then don't wait too long and order! While ordering you will find information about the method of delivery. Do you still have a question? You can always mail to our customer service: customer Molar Dimehouse For the best price and quality of an industrial cupboard! We also say: for a dime in the first rank.