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PVC Furniture

PVC Furniture: Sustainable and Stylish

Are you looking for sustainable and stylish furniture for your interior? PVC furniture is the perfect choice! These furniture combines functionality with a modern look and fit perfectly in various interior styles. With PVC furniture you add a practical and contemporary element to your house.

Why choose PVC furniture?

PVC furniture is known for their sustainability and weather resistance. PVC is a sturdy material that can withstand moisture, scratches and wear, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, PVC furniture is easy to clean and maintain, which makes them perfect for busy households. PVC is also a versatile material that can be manufactured in different colors and styles, so you will always find furniture that perfectly matches your taste and interior.

Different types of PVC furniture

A wide range of PVC furniture is available, from chairs and tables to cupboards and storage solutions. A PVC chair is a practical and stylish addition to your dining room or office, while a PVC table is perfect for both inside and outside. PVC storage cupboards and racks are also popular because of their sustainability and simple maintenance. For outdoor use, there are beautiful PVC lounge sets, garden chairs and sun beds that can withstand the elements and look beautiful for years.

Maintenance of PVC furniture

Maintaining PVC furniture is easy. Regularly removing with a soft, damp cloth, keeps the furniture clean and free of dust and dirt. You can use a mild detergent for stubborn stains. Avoid aggressive cleaning products and abrasive materials to prevent damage. PVC furniture is resistant to moisture, but it is always a good idea to cover outdoor furniture or to save inside during bad weather to extend their lifespan.

Styling tips for PVC furniture

PVC furniture offers many options for styling. Combine them with pillows and plaids in different colors and textures to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Add decorative items such as vases, plants and candles to give a personal touch. Use PVC furniture in combination with other materials such as wood and metal for an eclectic and modern look. Experiment with different setups and accessories to create your perfect interior.

Whether you are looking for practical and sustainable furniture for your house or stylish and weather -resistant furniture for outside, PVC furniture is always a good choice. Discover our range and find the perfect PVC furniture for your interior!