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Wandplanken industrieel

Wall shelves Industrial

Why choose a wall shelf industrial

Meet industrial wall shelves! Industrial wall shelves are tough, stylish and multifunctional; They are also known as atmosphere makers of the house. In addition, the boards are enormously functional and the wall shelves can be placed in any room. Hanging a wall shelf is extremely simple and the wall shelf barely provides space. Extra plus: the wall is immediately transformed into a nice picture! Join the trend and decorate your industrial wall shelf to taste! Also take a look industrial wall racks

An industrial wall shelf for every room

An industrial wall shelf can be placed in any room, depending on the function of the wall shelf. Do you use the wall shelf to add extra atmosphere or does the plank have a practical purpose? A wall shelf is perfect to use for extra storage space or as a bookshelf. Place the wall shelf in the kitchen and show your favorite cookbooks on the shelf! Do you wish extra storage space in the bathroom? That is also possible with a wall shelf industrial. Of course, a wall shelf also serves perfectly for showing accessories. Use the wall shelf as a wall decoration and fleur on the wall with nice accessories!

What typifies a wall shelf industrial?

What is a wall shelf industrial? The industrial wall shelves are known for the use of material and for firmness. Most industrial wall shelves are made of metal in combination with wood. Mangohout is often chosen; This gives the wall shelves a cool touch. The colors often vary from black, brown and gray, or a combination of these. Wall shelves are often rectangular, but the square wall shelves are also becoming increasingly popular. Characteristic of a wall shelf industrial is the different shelves at different heights that create a playful effect.

Types of wall racks industrial

  • Wall shelf Industrial mango wood
  • Wall shelf metal with wood
  • Wall shelf wood
  • Wall shelf metal
  • Wall shelf Black
  • Wall shelf square
  • Wall shelf rectangle
  • Wall shelf Industrial

Style your wall shelf

Styling an industrial wall shelf can be difficult, but it can't really go wrong! Decorate the wall shelf with accessories of your choice such as vases, statuettes, flowers, photo frames and nice plants. The wall shelf is actually a personal accessory; There are your desired items on it. Make sure you have to change between colors, structures and sizes. When the colors and structures fit better together, the wall shelf looks more industrial. You will find that unity is created in your house!

Vary and combine wall shelf industrial

The possibilities with wall shelves are endless; Combine and vary! By hanging several industrial boards on the wall, you create a playful effect. Use different shapes and sizes and experiment! The wall shelves can contain a certain order, but can also be hung together floating. Use different colors, sizes and materials. Add a touch of industrial to your interior; A wall shelf industrial always matches.

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