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Wide range of armchairs

Looking for a nice armchair which fits your interior? Everyone has their own style and that is why we have an extensive collection of beautiful armchairs. Our armchairs are found in various styles; Scandinavian, vintage, industrial, modern and more. A trendy armchair or a timeless design, Dimehouse Has the perfect relax chair for you in our range!

Go for a comfy armchair

In addition to the fact that an armchair must of course look nice, it must also be comfortable. An armchair is a lounge chair that you can sit in for hours. In addition, the chair must also meet your personal wishes. Do you prefer a chair with or without armrests and what is your preference for material? Do you like a fine soft fabric such as velvet or do you like a leather chair that is easy to keep clean? The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in the armchair. 

Armchair a real eye catcher

An armchair can also bring atmosphere to the house. An upholstered relax chair in black or another color that matches your couch and brings seats into your interior. You can also choose to choose an armchair that forms a contrast with your interior, so that it is a real eye -catcher. A turning author of colorful fabric or a leather chair with beautiful seams.  

Combine armchairs

Our armchairs are designed in such a way that they come into their own in multiple interior styles. In addition, the armchairs can be combined well with other furniture, such as bar stools and banks and Dining room chairs. By having the same colors and fabrics come back in your interior, you create unity. Two armchairs in the living room next to each other is also very nice. Also don't forget about one floor lamp In addition to the armchair for extra light. This is ideal when reading or to add extra atmosphere to the room.