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Table legs

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Need loose table legs or table base? Also with the lowest price warranty, delivered free of charge and available from stock? Then you are at Dimehouse at the right place. Order your table legs online at Dimehouse.

Materials table legs

Table legs come in all shapes, sizes and materials. From steel to wood, from a U-leg to Hairpin table legs. Bee Dimehouse We mainly sell metal table suspensions. We also offer various finishes, such as a powder coating in black or in white. This way you can always choose the right table leg that best suits your table top.

Matrix table

Matrix table legs are known for the sleek and minimalist look. They are designed with straight lines and geometric shapes, making them a real eye -catcher in your interior. Whether you use the leg for your dining table or a nice desk in your office space, the Matrix leg adds a modern and cool touch to every project. In addition to the aesthetic plus points, the Matrix table legs also offer excellent stability and sustainability. The table legs are made of high -quality materials, such as sturdy metal or robust steel, which ensures a solid base for your table. Another advantage is the versatility in design and finish. They are available in different colors and finishes, such as black with a powder coating. Matrix legs are the ideal combination between style and ultimate stability and is therefore the perfect choice for modern interiors.

Different types of table legs

In addition to the Matrix table leg, we offer even more styles and form table legs, such as:

  • X-leg
  • Upoot
  • Hairpin table
  • Electrically adjustable seat-standing frame

The latter variant of our table legs is electrically adjustable in height so that you can work ergonomically according to the Dutch health and safety rules. Both at home and at the office. The frame has many different functions, including the Memory function of the operation. This is function where you can set different positions and by pressing a number of 1 to 4, this position of the desk is remembered, so that you only have to press the correct figure next time to the desk at the desired height in to state. 

Our table legs are not only stylish, but they are also practical, durable and stable. They are designed to offer a good and sturdy basis for your table top or desktop, so that you can enjoy it for years.

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Order your table legs from stock today, then you can already attach these table legs under your table top tomorrow! You can find affordable and high -quality table legs with the lowest price guarantee! Not yet convinced? Then quickly view our range of table legs!