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Marble table

Marble tables are back

Maybe you have already seen it passing: a marble table is super popular. Marble tables give a chic and luxurious look to your living style and have a unique design. The leaves of marble tables have a beautiful color gradient. For example, marble tables are available in different colors: black marble, white marble and anthracite marble. A big advantage of marble furniture is that they can be combined well with all interior styles.

Marble or Sintered Stone

Marble is a natural stone that is widely used for furniture. It is a unique and sturdy material, and you also pay for this. That is why we sell at Dimehouse Marble tables, but also Marmerlook tables made from Sintered Stone. The Sintered Stone material is a very good alternative. Sintered Stone is a popular type of stone that is unbreakable and water and spot test. The Sintered Stone tables are extremely sturdy and have a Marmerlook top, with the same beautiful color circuits as "real" marble. In addition, this material is even resistant to scratches. Ideal for a household where there is plenty of people.

Marble dining tables such as eye catcher

Are you also a fan of marble dining tables? They are sturdy and beautiful objects in the dining room. A marble dining table is also a unique eye -catcher. Place a few Industrial seats Around the table and your dining area is complete. The marble or marble look dining tables are available in various designs and colors. All marble dining tables have blades with stylish color circuits and the tables luxuriously radiate. You can opt for different shapes, so there is a marble look dining table rectangle and a marble table. The color can also be chosen. What do you think of a dining table marble black? We are a fan!

Marble side table easily at hand

Do you want to apply a small marble detail in your interior? How about a marble side table! The advantage of a marble side table is that you can easily have this sturdy table at hand. You quickly slide the side table next to the couch. The marble side tables also have unique designs and are available in different sizes and colors. You can opt for a laptop table marble, but also a combination of two square, marble tables is fun. Do you prefer one color or do you like to combine? We are curious!

Coffee table marble: eye -catcher of the living room

The eye -catcher in the living room is often the Bank In combination with the coffee table. Coffee tables are also available in marble look. Dimehouse Has different types of coffee tables marble look. You have the choice between coffee table sets Marmerlook or between a single coffee table. In addition, you can choose between different shapes: square, rectangular or round coffee tables marble. All available in different colors with unique designs.

Find your marble table Dimehouse

Have you found a marble or marble look table in the range? Super! We know for sure that it will shine in your interior. A big advantage of marble is that it is excellent to combine with other materials and colors. You can easily order the table via the website and of course the marble table will be delivered to you for free. Dimehouse Wish you a lot of pleasure from your new marble table!