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Dressoirs - Dimehouse


Where do I place a dresser?

A sideboard is usually used as an extra storage cupboard and as an eye -catcher. These cabinets are available in different shapes, styles and sizes. Often these furniture is relatively wide and not too high. They often contain drawers and doors to place your things out of sight. But where do you actually place this furniture? A sideboard cupboard can be placed in any room! Super handy.

It is usually placed in the living room, the kitchen or the hall. You can also easily use them as a room divider or TV cabinet. A dresser cabinet is therefore a very functional furniture. Do you prefer to look for a higher model? Then take a look at ours wall cupboards and sidetables.

A sideboard of Dimehouse

You can choose from a dresser which are available Finally different living styles. The cupboards of Dimehouse are designed in such a way that they come into their own in multiple interior styles. If you are looking for a modern variant, an industrial sideboard, a rural model or a vintage cupboard, you will find it in our range.

For example, the range contains a dresser in black, but also wooden variants. A black model is timeless and looks chic. A sideboard in Beige is also timeless, but looks warmer. Many of our wooden variants contain black metal accents.

Why a sideboard?

A sideboard immediately creates a different atmosphere in the house. The advantage of this is that this heat creates in the house. In addition, it offers natural storage space. On top of the furniture is enough space to decorate. Place your favorite photos and accessories on the furniture and enjoy these cozy decorations.

Also a nice plant or table lamp will not look out of place. A beautiful mirror should not be missing either. This way you make your spacious even more atmospheric! And the things that you don't want to be in sight, you can easily put away behind the drawers or doors. There is also an ideal furniture to use as a TV furniture. You place the television on the cupboard and you can easily store all supplies in the drawers.

A mangowood dresser

One of our favorites is a mangowood dresser. These are made of mango wood and contain various color circuits. These have a tough and lively appearance combined with a light basic color. They give warmth to the space and are real eye -catchers. A sideboard is definitely a piece of furniture that may see words and where all eyes go in the room. Do you want to implement this style? They are ideal to combine with other furniture. Think of one coffee table or a nice one bookcase.

Sideboard with drawers or doors

Are you looking for a sideboard with drawers or with shelves and doors? Consider well in advance how much storage space you need and what things you want to store on in the cupboard. This makes your search for a suitable item a lot easier for you! A sideboard with drawers is easier to organize and offers more visibility because you can immediately see what is in the drawers. A sideboard with doors is often deeper and therefore provides more storage space. We are curious about your choice.