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Tafels - Dimehouse


Tables for everyone

Tables are valuable additions to your interior. A table is practical, a real eye -catcher and tables are of course available in all shapes and sizes. There are round tables, square tables and rectangular tables. Oval dining tables are also popular. In addition, tables come in different materials. Solid wooden tables are very popular. Tables are available in various sizes and are intended for various purposes. Which table is your favorite?

The dining table as the center

The most common table is the dinner table. The dining table is therefore often the central point in your house. Cozy food together, catch up or to work on. Our dining tables are designed in various shapes and styles. This way our dining tables can find a place in any interior. Many dining tables are made of solid mango wood or acacia wood. All with a solid metal frame for extra strength. What form dining table do you choose? A rectangular, square or oval? Discover the range quickly and find your favorite.

Always your snack and drink at hand

Another table where people often come together is the coffee table. The coffee table is the center of your seating area and comes in various forms. A coffee table is ideal for placing your snacks and drinks. Many of our coffee tables consist of sets. There are coffee table sets of two or three pieces. These consist of several tables and provide a stylish whole. Most coffee tables are made of solid wood and metal. Another table for the seating area is one side table. You can easily slide this table at the couch to place your drink. A laptop table is also ideal. A laptop table by Dimehouse Is practical, stylish and fits perfectly in any interior style!

Sidetable: storage space and eye -catcher

Another table that should not be missing in your interior is one sidetable. A sidetable is a wall table and is also called a dressing table. They are often compact in size and therefore easy to move and combine with other furniture. A sidetable offers extra storage space, but is also a real eye -catcher. You can easily access accessories and lights Place on the dressing table. Sidetables come in different designs. There are sidetables black or sidetables made of wood. There are also sidetables With drawers or several layers. Where are you going to post this beautiful table?

Café atmosphere creating with a bar table

Do you prefer to dinner a little higher or do you want to imitate the style and atmosphere of a cafe? Then choose one bar table! A bar table is a stylish addition to your interior and provides extra cosiness. Bart tables are furniture pieces that are characterized by the higher seat height and smaller surface compared to normal dining tables. They are multifunctional and can be used as a work table or as a dining table in the living room or kitchen. A bar table is therefore a very good alternative to a dining table. A bar table is also ideal for parties. Place a few bar stools Around the bar table and your dining area is complete!

You can make the ideal home workplace like this

It is a table that should not be missing in the office desk. Offices are specially designed to work on. The agencies are spacious enough for your laptop and other working supplies. If not, create extra storage space by placing a cupboard under the desk or by hanging a wall rack. This also seems super fun! Some desks are adjustable in height for optimum comfort. Thanks to the standing desk you stimulate an ergonomic work attitude. Also don't forget to have a good one office chair to purchase. A desk chair with a high backrest and armrests is the most comfortable.

Mangowood tables are popular

Our tables are designed in such a way that they come into their own in multiple interior styles. This is due to the design and the use of materials. Many tables have a black metal frame and a solid mangowood leaf. Mangohout tables have a natural, lively and warm appearance. The blades have various color circuits with rugged and dark accents. If you are looking for a stylish, warm, sturdy and durable furniture, think of a table made of mango wood. The Mangohouten Tables range of Dimehouse Is huge!

Tables with various designs

The range of Dimehouse Contains many design tables. For example, there are black tables, tables with herringbone design and Marble tables. Marmerlook tables are also favorite. Marble tables give a chic and luxurious look to your living style and have a unique design. Black tables are stylish, timeless and endless. Are you looking for a sturdy and unique table? Then take a look at our range soon.