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Bar stools

Buy bar stool

With a bar or a high dining table, a bar stool is always a good idea. You create a cozy seat to bubble, or you can sit down to chat while cooking. Dimehouse Offers an extensive range with different models and different colors. You can buy bar seats for the dining room, the hall or corridor, the office, the bedroom or the living room. 

There is a lot of choice and that is why it is useful to know how to choose the right stool. For example, pay attention and go for a chair that sits comfortably and fits at the dining table. Do you have questions about a specific model? Feel free to contact us, or visit the store where you can try the bar stools. 

Different bar stools for any interior

When you buy a bar stool, you naturally want it to match the rest of your interior. Bee Dimehouse Do you have the choice of different styles, for example the industrial bar stool. For example, there is undoubtedly a product that matches the other furniture. 

Now you can of course go for the safe choice and choose colors that match the rest of the house, or go for a playful look and choose contrast. You can even choose to buy different color bar stools. This way you will undoubtedly get a dining table or bar that you will not find anywhere else. 

The type of material also determines the appearance of the stool. This way you create a luxurious atmosphere with Velvet, leather is cool and with wood you are always in the right place. Come and see the bar stools in real life. 

Finish your bar or cooking island

Because the bar seats are higher, they fit well with one bar table, a kitchen island or a high dining table. This way you can start every day with a hot cup of coffee in the kitchen. Or have a nice drink with some friends while preparing a delicious dish. 

Nothing is more fun than chatting in the kitchen. Do you want to finish your bar completely? Then view our range of bar stools. Do you not have a cooking island, but a low dining table? Then take a look at ours Dining room chairs, to create a nice place to eat. 

How high should your bar seat be? 

It is important to think carefully about the height of your bar chairs. You are less comfortable when the table is too high and the stool too low. We are happy to help you choose the right height, so that you can delicious dinner. For example, pay attention to the seat height and follow the following steps:

  1. Measure the height of the dining table or the cooking island.
  2. Measure the seat height of the seat of the bar stool.
  3. Make sure that the distance between the seat and the kitchen top is between 25 and 30 centimeters. 

If you take this into account, you have enough sitting room anyway.

Choose Comfort

If you are eating, you naturally want you to sit comfortably. That is why it is wise to think about the bar stool that you buy. Many people like to have a backrest when they sit longer. Are you planning to dine for a long time? Then it is wise to buy a stool with a backrest. 

In addition, it is nice to be able to take the footrest well. This way your feet don't dangling in the air, but you can sit comfortably. With the adjustable seats, you can set the height in such a way that it is good for you. If you want to try out the bar stool first, this is possible in one of our stores. 

Buy bar stools and bar chairs at Dimehouse

Are you looking for a stool for your bar or cooking island? Then view our varied collection. You can choose from various colors, models, materials and living styles, so you will always find a chair that suits you!