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Wall cupboards

Stylish and practical

Wall cabinets are a smart choice for when you are looking for extra storage space. The wall cupboards are therefore indispensable in the current interiors. A wall cupboard is Namely an ideal solution for a stylish piece of furniture and storage space in one. Can also Wall cupboards be placed in every room. Most people place a wall cupboard in the living room, kitchen or in the hall. Wall cabinets are available in various sizes and materials. Bee Dimehouse You will find a wide range of wall cupboards for the lowest price. Quickly view our range and find the perfect wall cupboard for your house.

Storage space and decorative space in one

There are many types of wall cabinets. There are small, but also large wall cupboards. You can also opt for an open wall cupboard or a closed wall cupboard. If you choose an open wall cupboard, you have the option to show accessories. For example, it seems super fun to one table lamp to place on this. A half-open wall cupboard is also an option. You then have the space to show accessories, but also about extra storage space behind doors. For example, many things have been cleaned up and out of sight! Most of our open and semi -open wall cabinets are made of solid mango wood And have beautiful color circuits.

Wall cabinets with drawers and doors

All our wall cabinets are made of wood or metal or a combination of these. Wall cabinets made of wood and metal are easy to combine with all living styles and are very sturdy. Often the cupboards are made of in mango wood. Mangohout looks warm and stylish. In addition, the wall cupboards are also stylish and practical; The ideal combination. Some wall cabinets are equipped with drawers or doors, another wall cupboard contains glass doors. A wall cupboard with glass door looks chic, a wall cupboard of wood looks natural.

Low or high wall cupboard

Wall cabinets are available in different sizes. There are small, high wall cupboards and larger, low wall cupboards. You can choose whether you want to go into the width or height. A low, wide wall cupboard offers a lot of storage space, but also takes up a lot of floor space. We recommend storing daily supplies in a low wall cupboard. We recommend stuff that you use less often in a high wall cupboard.

A black wall cupboard like eye catcher

Do you want a cool wall cupboard? Then consider one black wall cupboard. Our black cabinets are made of high -quality materials and are real eye -catchers. Some black cabinets are roughly finished and have a vintage look. The advantage of black wall cabinets is that they have a chic appearance and are timeless. You can enjoy a wall cupboard black for years.

Buy a wall cupboard online at Dimehouse

Whether you are looking for a black wall cupboard, a high wall cupboard or an open wall cupboard, at Dimehouse Have you come to the right place. In our wide range you will find the wall cupboard that meets your needs. You can easily order the wall cupboard online via the website.