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Wall lamps

Functional and decorative wall lamps at Dimehouse

Wall lamps, also called wall lighting or wall luminaires, are versatile light sources that serve both functional and decorative purposes. They can illuminate a space, add atmosphere and even serve as accent pieces in the interior. Bee Dimehouse You can go for different types of wall lamps.

Wall lamps for inside and outside

There are wall lamps for both inside and outside. Inside you can place wall lamps in the bedroom, living room, corridor or bathroom. In the bedroom you can place them next to the bed as a reading light, while in the living room you can use them well to draw attention to artworks on the wall. In the hallway you can best install wall lamps along the gang walls to create an inviting and well -lit passage. Would you like extra functional light in the bathroom? Then wall lamps are perfect to hang next to or above the mirror. 

Wall lamps for outside are placed in particular at the front and back door, but also to give your terrace a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Make sure that wall lamps for the inside cannot be placed outside.

Types of wall lamps

  1. Built -in wall lamps: These lamps are directly connected to the electrical wiring of the house. They offer a sleek, wireless look, but require professional installation. This is the most common wall lamp Dimehouse.

  2. Plug-in wall lamps: These lamps have a cord and are connected to a standard socket. They are easy to install and ideal for rental properties or situations in which you do not want to adjust wiring.

  3. Battery -fed wall lamps: wireless lamps that can be placed anywhere without needing a power outlet or wiring. They are handy, but usually not as bright as wired options.

Wall lamps for different interior styles

    • Modern/Contemporary: These lamps have clean lines, minimalist designs and often use materials such as metal and glass. Design wall lamps often also fall under this interior style. They fit well with modern interiors.
    • Classic/traditional: These lamps often have graceful designs and materials such as brass, bronze or other antique finishes. They can contain elements such as fabric lampshades or unique details.
    • Industrial: known for their robust, raw appearance, these lamps often use visible light bulbs, metal tubes and weathered finishes, inspired by factories and workshops.
    • Rural/rustic: These lamps are characterized by wood, weathered finishes and designs that evoke a rural or vintage atmosphere.
    • Scandinavian: characterized by simplicity, functionality and natural materials, Scandinavian wall lamps often come in neutral colors and have a clean, modest design.

Order today Dimehouse

Wall lamps are not just practical light sources, but also important elements of the interior design. Order your wall lamps online today Dimehouse And enjoy your new lighting tomorrow.